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When we state that we are open for 24/7, our clients often question us about the possibility of such an exceptional trait. Here is our little secret that makes a huge impact on the kind of services we provide. Metro Master Locksmith owns and operate a large fleet of mobile locksmith vehicles which makes us adept at providing 24hr mobile locksmith services to all the dwellers in the Portland, OR area. Our mobile locksmith vehicles are fully stocked with some of the most sophisticated technology and cutting-edge machinery. Being equipped with the needed components wherever we go, we don’t need to make return trips repeatedly to our store in order fetch the equipment. 

What makes Metro Master Locksmith renowned?

Day and Night Service: Metro Master Locksmith Portland, OR 503-404-4027

It is all about dedication when it comes to provision of services. At Metro Master Locksmith, we provide our reputed locksmith services for 24/7 throughout the entire year. If you are in need of any emergency services during any time of the day or night, you can count on us to serve you. 

Exceptional Quality of Work:

Another exceptional trait of Metro Master Locksmith is that we believe in providing maximum customer satisfaction. Also, we place the safety of our customers before our comfort. This is why we offer quality services and provide them with high quality products. 

24 hr Mobile Locksmith:

When you are caught in a lockout situation, you’d never accept that waiting patiently is a choice. Chances are for your personal safety to be highly threatened. Hence it is highly imperative to ask for quick assistance. With the availability of our 24hr mobile locksmith services, you can be assured that you’d be retrieved from all kinds of locks and key issues in no time! 

Don’t worry about receiving quick help now! All you need to do is give Metro Master Locksmith a call at503-404-4027 to avail our reputable 24hr mobile locksmith services.