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After returning from a good vacation, you find that your home locks have been tampered with. What would you do at this point? Apart from panicking around, which would avail no benefit, you must come up with a rational solution. The only right thing to do at such instances is to call a professional locksmith for help. Metro Master Locksmith has been serving the clients in the Portland, OR for the past decade and has seen several cases of residential lock and key issues. Whether it be a simple lock repair, installation of new locks or to install high-security locks for your residential door, our residential locksmiths are capable of addressing all the issues in the finest manner. 

Our dedication and passion to serve the community knows no bounds and these are the two traits that have pushed us to the position in which we are in at the moment! All thanks to our loyal customers who have always counted upon us to serve them.

Our service offerings

The 24/7 locksmith for your homeMetro Master Locksmith Portland, OR 503-404-4027

Lockouts or any other lock and key issues for that matter never come with a warning. They can happen at any time and require an immediate solution. We, at Metro Master Locksmith understand this, and that is exactly why we offer 24/7 locksmith services for the residential spaces in the Portland, OR area. 

Home security experts

There is so much to do, but very little time do we all have in our hands. This is why Metro Master Locksmith believes in sharing the work. The last thing we would want you is to worry about your home security, and this is precisely why we have specialized personnel who deal with residential locksmith issues alone. A call away is our help! 

Got a troublesome lock? Call the experts

We know how locks can get with time. They may get jammed, broken or rusted and often, we have no ideas as to when they occur or how to fix them. Fret not anymore! Have got a lock that is being a pain in your neck? All you need to do is trust our residential locksmiths to work wonders with the locks and get it upgraded as finely as possible.

Key-makers on the move

We all have seen the case of misplaced keys at least once in our lifetime, and trust us when we say that we get how it feels! Don’t go around the city looking for a hardware shop, instead just give Metro Master Locksmith a call and we will quickly cut the most precise keys for you within a few minutes. 

Want to avail our residential locksmith services in the Portland, OR area? Call us at 503-404-4027!